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So I guess first things first; introductions. My name is Claire and I’m an English Teacher currently living in Bangkok, Thailand. 

For the sake of honesty – and all the best blogs are honest – I’m quite nervous about writing and publishing this first blog. I studied history at university so I’m no stranger to writing, but a blog is more personal and, with that, more intimidating. But I’m glad I’m finally putting pen to paper (or whatever the modern day, technological version of putting pen to paper might be) and getting some words out. People have a tendency to use social media to romanticise their lives (nobody wants to post a picture of the time they spent fifteen hours on a bus from Barcelona to Paris, but rather the pictures of the beautiful Sacre Cour when they finally arrived – I did that once, and I would not recommend bus journeys of that length!) and I am certainly no stranger to that; just look at my Instagram account! That’s why I want to make this blog as honest as I can, both for myself and to show the realities of travelling, and of both living and working abroad.

I also really enjoy writing. I love reading – I read all the time! – but I haven’t really written anything since I graduated two years ago. I’d also like to use this blog to talk about some of the books I’ve read recently. I’ve had more free time in Bangkok than I’ve had in a long time and I love using that time to read different things, and to learn about the world, about history, about culture (and read the occasional piece of chick lit that really teaches very little but provides great entertainment on my commute to work!). 

Lastly I’d like to say who this blog is for: me. I want to write. I want to document my time here in Asia with not just photos, but with anecdotes and feelings. I want to be able to show my family and friends back home in England – or wherever they may be! – that I’m safe and happy. (I am, mum, I promise.) And I want to show what Thailand is really like, what Bangkok is really like for a young woman in her twenties, the realities of living 6,000 miles away from home, and having to navigate a new place alone without understanding the language and being unfamiliar with the culture. Not to mention how much fun I’m having!  

Thanks for reading.