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Things I Miss About England

I’ve been living in Thailand for almost a year now and because I’ll be back in only four months time I’ve let myself think about all of the things I’m missing and what I’m most looking forward to about being back in the UK. 
My Family

I have been lucky enough to have my family come out to visit me here in Thailand. In December of last year my grandparents and auntie came for a fortnight, and then in March/April my parents and younger brother came to visit. Though of course it was so nice to have them here – I can’t remember being more excited about anything, the night before they arrived was like Christmas Eve for a child – it also made me miss them a little bit more, at least initially. I am lucky to have such a close family, and I won’t have seen many of them for fifteen months by the time I get back. Above anything else, I am most excited to spend time with my family. 
The Food

Don’t get me wrong, Thai food is some of the best I’ve had. But there are just some things you can’t get – or you can’t get how I like them – over here. I want a roast dinner! I want fish and chips (chips, not French fries). I want marmite on my toast (and I want the toast to not be sweet).

This was something I missed last year too when I was in Spain. Buildings in hot countries are made to stay cool, which means flooring is mostly tiled. It works – the floor is always cold – but I sometimes miss walking on carpet.

It’s silly how much I want to put on a big woolly jumper and snuggle up. Thailand never – never – gets cold (unless you go to the cinema) which can be nice, but it’s nothing like what I was used to growing up and I sometimes miss cold weather and snuggling up. I also don’t have a quilt here, I just sleep with the quilt cover, because a quilt would be too hot. I just want to snuggle!

I spend a lot of time here in Bangkok using public transport, and trying to cross roads. What I really miss is adherence to traffic laws. It’s mayhem here!

This one sounds really silly, but there are so few bins on the streets in Bangkok that there are rubbish piles everywhere and this attracts rats and cockroaches. It also makes it look a mess and smell. Come on Thailand, get some bins on the streets!